“Sawatdii kha/khrap” this is the first word for greeting each other in Thailand.

Many people visit Thailand because they want to travel, do business or work in Thailand. That is why “Thaitutor-online” was started. I would like to teach the Thai language to foreigners who want to learn Thai to help you understand the Thai people and Thai culture.

I am khruu Thipsuda. I graduated with a Master’s Degree majoring in Educational Administration. I have been teaching Thai language to foreigners from many different countries for more than 10 years and have the following abilities:

  • Experienced Thai language teacher whose students consistently develop the ability and confidence to speak,listen,read and write Thai in daily life.
  • Caring teacher with experience instructing students of all ages.
  • Strong rapport with international students from diverse cultural backgrounds.

So that why I really want to help you learn Thai and enjoy getting to know more about Thailand by using the internet (Skype) wherever you are.