Level 1 - Communication in a simple way

Students will be able to understand simple dialogues in everyday life through appropriate sentence patterns.

  • Learn Thai language using the phonetic script;the use of syllables, vowels, consonants and tones.
  • Basic conversational sentence patterns.

Level 2 - Expansion of the ability to communicate

Students will be able to understand and produce longer dialogues.

  • Learn more difficult vocabulary and sentences.
  • Learn more complex sentence patterns.

Level 3 - Basic of reading and writing

Expansion of the ability to communicate with an introduction of writing and reading Thai language.

Level 4 - Reading and writing continued

Study of writing and reading with continued conversation practice.

  • Learn to understand the basic Thai reading and writing systems.
  • Learn to be able to read Thai words and short sentences with correct pronunciation and spelling.
  • Learn to be able to ask and answer questions from the text.

Level 5

Reading short stories about Thailand and understanding the stories from vocabulary and sentence structure.

Level 6

Reading longer stories about daily life and culture in Thai society.

  • Learn to understand longer stories.
  • Learn to read and write from the stories.
  • Learn to write grammatically correct Thai sentences.

Advanced Thai

After you study Thai levels 1-6, we can offer you the following courses to learn more about Thailand:

  • Thai culture
  • Bible in Thai
  • Thai newspaper
  • and much more...

To be able to discuss what is read and talk about common aspects of the students own culture.

Learn long vowels

Learn short vowels