"Hi, my name is Grant. I live in the UK and my wife and children are Thai. We also have a home in Kranuan, Khon Kaen, Thailand. Kruu Thipsuda understands the level and speed that I am able to learn the Thai language. Thipsuda's lessons are fun and professional and I look forward to every lesson with her"


"I am Danielle Koning and I live in the Netherlands. I am planning to emigrate to Thailand in 2013. It is wonderful to already learn some of the Thai language before departure. Khruu Thipsuda is a teacher that fulfills my desire for learning Thai in many ways! She is organized, caring, creative, and efficient. Her classes and pace give me the feeling that I am continually making progress, even though I am just a beginner. Learning online also has many advantages: it is flexible, private, comes at low cost, and still just as effective as classroom learning."


I'm French and learned Thai online for 4 months with Thipsuda and then I spent 3 weeks in Thailand. It was really nice because I could speak with people, not fluently obviously, but I could speak about practical things and understand when people were speaking slowly. If I would have lived in Thailand for one or two years, I would have had the basis to learn really quickly to speak fluently. So thank you Thipsuda, you're a great teacher!"


"I'm an American with a Thai heritage. Since I was born and raised in America, I did not have many opportunities to use and/or learn Thai. I felt that it was necessary to formally learn how to properly speak, read, and write Thai and Khun Kru Thipsuda met my necessity beyond my expectations. Though she has only been my Thai tutor for a few months, she has helped me greatly with reading and writing, especially, with spelling and grammar. She has been an invaluable resource for asking questions and for helping me strengthen my weaknesses in my language skills. I am still currently taking lessons with her and I foresee that I will continue my lessons with her for a long time to come."

Kris G

Khruu Thipsuda is a professional and skilled teacher. I studied with her for several years. With her assistance, I went from absolutely no knowledge of Thai to being quite confident and able to read, write, speak and listen in Thai with fluency. Khruu Thipsuda works with you from the level that you’re at and takes you step by step to higher levels of functioning in Thai.

Kim Oberbrunner

Hello, My name is Kim Oberbrunner! I’m an American working with an organi-zation in Thailand and was grateful to have Khruu Thipsuda as my Thai language teacher for my frist year and a half. She is a qualified educator who tutored me through each level of Thai instruction. In addition to this, Khruu Thipsuda also prepared and equipped me well to pass the national Thai language exam for foreigners. She taught me at a pace that was challenging, but not to the point of frustration. Khruu Thipsuda’s instruction has provided me with a great foundation for learning the Thai language.

Bryce D. Bergman

My name is Bryce Bergman . I came to Thailand to study the Thai language and culture. I have very much appreciated the expertise of our teacher. Having a good teacher goes a long way in learning Thai. After 1 year of study, I could not have gotten as far as I have without a qualified teacher.

Joelle Bergman

My name is Joelle Bergman, and I have found my language training very valuable. I was given the resources to have very basic conversations with my Thai friends, within a couple weeks. After a year of studies, My language abilities Now include,reading,writing,and speaking. I appreciated the curriculum as it was structured and through. I was also impressed with my highly trained language instructor who spoke clearly and taught with humility, knowing that the Thai language is difficult to learn. I now know it is possible.